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  • June 2018

    Greetings! It has already been five years since the establishment of Lantau Development Alliance (LaDA); during this time we have witnessed together the Island’s transformation. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) is scheduled to be opened soon, while the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area Development is in marked progress. In North Lantau, significant infrastructure projects are to be launched, including the Topside Development at HZMB’s Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities, the Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link, Hong Kong International Airport’s Three-runway System and North Commercial District Development, and the Tung Chung New Town Extension. As for South Lantau, focus is placed on the conservation of valuable natural and cultural assets. We look forward to the bright and vibrant future of the Island.

    In the middle of the previous year, the government promulgated the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint based on the overarching principle of "Development in the North, Conservation for the South", mapping out the future development direction of Lantau Island in the short, medium and long term. At the end of last year, the Sustainable Lantau Office was established for the coordination, planning and implementation of various initiatives, marking an important milestone in the sustainable development of Lantau. Various stakeholders have supported and valued LaDA’s proposals to the government in the past years, including seizing opportunities for bridgehead economy, improving people’s livelihood, and developing Lantau into a smart community for living, work, business, leisure and study. Such success owes to the farsighted vision and substantial effort of the founding directors and executive groups. We are also grateful for the trust and support of our members, who have contributed to the accomplishment of LaDA in its development and work. In response, we promise to actively follow up with the planning and implementation of the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint for the creation of a sustainable Lantau.

    In the short term, we will urge the government to capitalise the opportunities brought by the HZMB, utilising the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities Island effectively. When developing measures in visitor reception and crowd management, it is important not only to enhance Lantau’s connectivity with landmarks in town centre, but also to direct leisure and business visitors to Lantau’s existing and future core development regions in business, conference and exhibition, and tourism to drive Lantau’s sustainable development.

    To optimise opportunities for bridgehead economy and to promote green tourism and leisure and recreational activities in Lantau, LaDA will consolidate tourism resources from enterprises and organisations across different sectors, including tourism, conference and exhibition, hotel services, and transport, boosting Hong Kong’s tourism industry and enhancing Lantau’s attractiveness. Besides, LaDA will keep track of the major impacts brought about on Lantau’s traffic condition and tourism development upon the opening of the HZMB.

    LaDA will continue its effort in communicating with the government and different stakeholders to enhance Lantau’s attractiveness, potential, connectivity and accessibility, and the implementation of the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint, developing Lantau into a smart, low-carbon and sustainable community.

    Thank you again for your support and attention to Lantau’s development.

Mr Vincent ChuaChairman

Chairman Blog

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